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Recruiting & Screening

It’s true that we keep a steady stream of people walking through our doors, but the real art of our business is knowing who to send through yours.

Recruiting Strength

Our solid reputation and presence in the community attracts a steady flow of candidates to meet our clients’ needs. We know and understand how to target remote markets and off-season businesses and can develop programs that target specific demographics or groups of individuals.

Screening/Skills Evaluation

We do not employ every person who applies at Total Talent Search Group. We meticulously interview, screen, and test every candidate because these individuals represent the quality of our service.

Behavioral Interviewing: Our screening process begins with a thorough behavioral interview to uncover details about the candidate’s skills, personality, career goals, motivation, and dependability.

Online Job Readiness Training: 9 Simple Ways to Stand Out on the Job, Total Talent’s proprietary online job readiness training, reinforces the basic, yet valuable, soft skills we know are most critical for today’s workforce, such as being on time, performing high quality work, and leading by example. Associates complete this course prior to their first day on assignment.

Employment Eligibility Verification: Total Talent Search Group complies with all aspects of the Immigration Reform and Control Act regarding Form I9 and utilizes the Department of Homeland Security E-Verify® program to authenticate employment eligibility.

Previous Work History References: We offer employment verification of an associate’s past work history.*

Background Checks: We offer comprehensive background check options to help you confidently choose the right members for your team.*

Skills Testing: Total Talent Search Group uses SHL TalentCentral to reliably measure a wide range of computer, industry, job-specific, leadership, and behavioral skills, as well as to identify job/culture match.

Drug Screening: Our standard drug screen is a 4-panel urine screen, but we can set up other panel screens including hair and saliva analysis. We offer both DOT and non-DOT testing. Ask your staffing consultant about drug screening procedures in your local office.

Confidentiality: To protect our clients’ confidential information, as well as the private information of their clientele, all associates are bound by a confidentiality clause contained in our new hire paperwork.

For additional information on our recruiting and screening services, please feel free to contact one of our staffing consultants.

*These services performed at client request.