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Why is a strong safety culture important?

Of any accident reduction strategy, a strong safety culture has the single greatest impact.

What is a safety culture and how will it impact my company?

Safety cultures consist of shared beliefs, practices, and attitudes that exist at an establishment. In a strong safety culture, everyone feels responsible for safety and pursues it on a daily basis. A company with a strong safety culture typically experiences few at-risk behaviors; consequently they also experience low accident rates, low turnover, low absenteeism, and high productivity. Employer and employee commitment are hallmarks of a true safety culture where safety is an integral part of daily operations.

Total Talent Search Group’s safety culture

At Total Talent Search Group, our associates’ safety is a priority. We incorporate safety into each associate orientation. Our Director of Safety and Risk Management oversees many programs to ensure we maintain an ongoing focus on safety. Our essential job function reviews help us develop a true understanding of the physical requirements of the jobs. We also employ two full-time occupational health nurses to provide conservative treatment for associates with minor injuries and case management for more serious situations.

Total Talent further extends its commitment to associate safety by participating in the American Staffing Association’s Safety Standard of Excellence℠ (SSE) program. The SSE designation represents our dedication to ensuring our temporary workers are placed in safe work sites, receive proper training, and are able to safely perform their job functions.